We believe best of both intellectual excellence and high ethical standard. At SAU, our learning approach is to promote skillsets, collaborative spirit, and the art of leadership in a cultivated environment.

Bachelor Degree in Engineering
The program aims to educate students to be the qualified engineers with knowledgeable and professional skillsets and
be able to pursue a career of engineering with leading-edge talents. Our graduates will also be prepared to have strong
information technology background which is required in the fasting growing pace environment. Many concentrations are
as follow:
Electronics Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechatronics and Robotics
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Safety Engineering
Bachelor Degree of Business Administration
The program will prepare the students for both today’s business intelligence and experience with upright principle’s
standard. At Business Administration program, we teach both fundamental and revolutionary content preparing for
the change of economic climate.
Human Resource Management
Business Computer
Bachelor Degree in Arts and Sciences
At the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, we aim to develop students the profession who enable to adapt, analyze and pursuit the methodology, context and experience effectively. The courses emphasis on both theoretical and practice while promote and prepare students’ career for both private and government sectors.
Business English
Computer Science
Public Administration
Digital Media
Bachelor Degree in Laws
The program aims to prepare students for rule & regulations content while strong legal profession to enhance the comprehensive and thorough development of the country.
Master Degree of Business Administration
The program aims to educate students for intellectual skillsets and business context understanding to compete and grow in
a competitive edge of globalization era for all economic, social and technology perspectives. In addition, the program has
promoted students to have vision, creative mentality and social responsibility. Which has the following concentrations:
Finance and Banking
Internal audit and Corporate governance
Human Resource Management
Master Degree of Engineering Administration
The Program aims to educate students for both academic and skillsets to adopt and develop new technology ensemble in the
current business environment. Moreover the program has emphasized to cultivate vision and grow effective decision making
to all students under economic, social, political, law, technology change contexts under the concentration of:
Engineering Management
Master Degree of Electrical Engineering
The program aims to educate students for electronically knowhow and all aspects of engineering to promote effective
competence in a globalization environment. The students will be able to acquaintance new knowledge and develop new
intelligence with moral and high ethical standard, take a leading part of engineering realm. The concentrations are as
Electric Power
Control System
Master Degree of Public Administration
The program aims to educate students to have management intelligence, leadership skill, and organizational management for
government agencies, private organization and political institution.